The main function of the Secretariat service is to provide support to the Court and to the University Executive, and to the committees of both, and to assist the Secretary of the University in developing and promoting good practice standards of corporate governance within the University. The service also maintains central resource of key corporate information for use both internally and externally.
The Secretariat Team have a variety of tasks throughout the year, including organising and clerking committees, organising Governor inductions and supporting the Governor recruitment process.  Additional support is given to the Secretary of the University with concern to reviews of any relevant Acts of Parliament, the review of the University's Charter & Statutes as well as the Ordinances and Regulations.

The Secretariat aims to achieve excellence in the delivery of a professional service and promotion of governance best practice to support the University's strategy and which reflect its values.

The goals of the Secretariat are:

  • to contribute to the University's core strategic ambitions;
  • to deliver support which assists University good governance policy, practice and decision-making;
  • to contribute to the unification of the University's Professional Services, extending and sharing expertise to create added value;
  • to adapt and enhance the service we provide to meet the evolving needs of all our stakeholders; and
  • to apply best practice and fresh thinking to improve our effectiveness and efficiency.