The KE Scotland Conferences formed an important resource for researchers looking to share experience in Knowledge Exchange between academics and others associated with their research.

Stimulating economic development, enhancing quality of life, contributing to cultural enrichment - all are potential benefits of "Knowledge Exchange", the two-way flow of ideas, expertise and people between the research base and wider users in Society. For researchers — especially early stage researchers — KE should provide an opportunity for them to both develop new skills and collaborations, and to capitalise on their research knowledge and findings in different sectors beyond academia. But how can researchers get involved with KE and how should we best be developing KE policy, practice and impact in Scotland?

KE Scotland – Policy, Practice, Impact

Four annual conference on KE were held, from 2008-2012, designed specifically for Scotland's research community to address these and other research-KE related questions. They offered a forum to early stage researchers, research managers, KE practitioners, policy makers and research funders to come together to discuss the scope and potential of KE in Scotland, and be inspired about the skills researchers can develop and the impact they can have through the practice of KE.

Programmes and resources from the four conferences can be found on the links below, and contact ALD for further informations and the presentations.