The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the fastest-growing IT user qualification in the world. Internationally recognised and available in 148 countries, ECDL certifies that you have the knowledge and skills needed to use popular business computer applications.

Staff and students at the university can register with us and sit ECDL examinations on the Edinburgh campus.

The ECDL is managed and promoted in the United Kingdom by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT on behalf of the ECDL Foundation.  We are an A-Status, BCS-accredited Test Centre for ECDL.

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An intermediate level qualification demonstrating proficiency in popular business applications.

Target Audience Staff and students
Course Overview ECDL is designed specifically for those who wish to gain a benchmark qualification in computing to enable them to develop their IT skills and enhance their career prospects.

The ECDL consists of 7 modules - all of which must be passed to obtain the ECDL.

Module 1 assesses your understanding of IT security from a user perspective. Modules 2 -7 assess your practical IT skills.
Content M1 – Security for IT Users
M2 – IT User Fundamentals
M3 – Word Processing
M4 – Spreadsheets
M5 – Databases
M6 – Presentations
M7 – Using Email and the Internet
Tests There are 7 tests - one for each module. Each module is tested under exam conditions in the teaching room on the 3rd floor of the library (Edinburgh campus)

You are allowed 45 minutes to complete each test. The tests are automated.

You get your result - pass or fail - at the end of the test. The pass mark for each test is 75%
Fees Staff and students
£50 registration fee (one-off)
Staff - tests/resits - no charge
£20 per test (7 tests for complete ECDL)
£12 per resit
SCQF ECDL is accredited on the SCQF - see
BCS IT qualifications accredited in Scotland
Prerequisites Basic computer skills would be an advantage.
Duration The course fee includes access to the course materials for one year

You must complete your ECDL within 3 years of your first test date

Mocks and Exams

ECDL surgeries and exams are currently held in MBG11.

Surgery: we can help you with your exam preparations at these sessions or you can use this time to sit a mock test.

Exam: these sessions are for sitting ECDL examinations only.

Month    Date Time
July Surgery
Tuesday 16
Thursday 18
10:15 - 12:15
10:15 - 12:15
August Surgery
Monday 12
Wednesday 14
14:15 - 16:15
14:15 - 16:15
September Surgery
Tuesday 10
Thursday 12
10:15 - 12:15
10:15 - 12:15
October Surgery
Wednesday 9
Friday 11
14:15 - 16:15
14:15 - 16:15
November Surgery
Tuesday 5
Thursday 7
14:15 - 16:15
14:15 - 16:15
December Surgery
Wednesday 4
Friday 6
10:15 - 12:15
10:15 - 12:15

ECDL Advanced

An advanced level qualification demonstrating high skill levels in popular business applications.

Target Audience Staff and students
Course Overview The Advanced ECDL courses are supported self study with optional tutorials as required. You will be guided through a text book and a suggested programme of study. Staff and students will also be given access to supporting information on the VLE
Content You can choose to study:

AM3 - Word Processing
AM4 - Spreadsheets
AM5 - Databases
AM6 - Presentations

See Syllabus and mock tests for more information. 
Tests Each module is assessed by a one hour, closed book exam which is externally marked.
Fees £65 per exam
SCQF ECDL Advanced is accredited on the SCQF - see
BCS IT qualifications accredited in Scotland
Prerequisites ECDL or intermediate level of competence in application.
Duration Depending on your level of competence each module will take approximately 30 hours to complete.