Information Services Primary Contacts (ISPCs) are members of academic staff who act as liaison between academic Schools and Information Services. Responsibilities include:

  • advising on the information services and resources required to support learning, teaching and research in their School/Institute
  • approving book recommendations for non-reading list books i.e. for wider reading or for research
  • helping ensure Information Services receive reading lists to help us build collections which support courses
  • facilitating a two way flow of communication between the School and Information Services including keeping Information Services updated with developments in the School.

Your ISPC is one route to feed your ideas, suggestions and feedback back to Information Services. You can also give feedback via your Liaison Librarian or our feedback form.  

For Library or IT enquiries please contact or use the helpdesk tile on the portal.

Library Representatives
School/Institute Representative
Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society


International Centre for Island Technology  Kirsty Thomson
Other areas

No representative
(interim contact Marion Kennedy Information Services)

Engineering & Physical Sciences Eitan Abraham
Social Sciences  

Accounting, Economics & Finance

Claudia Aravena


Pablo La Porte


Robert Graham 
Psychology Sue Cowan
Mathematics & Computer Science Hans-Wolfgang Loidl
Textiles & Design Cath Fenton