Learning technology deals with the use of technology to benefit both face-to-face and online learning and teaching, especially in connection with the virtual learning environment.

This page contains the training calendar and resources for learning technology. The resources can support and supplement training events, but they can also be used separately.

Training calendar

If you do not see a convenient time or would like to schedule a bespoke training session for a group, please email our learning technologist at k.nanfeldt@hw.ac.uk.

Training schedule

Learning technology includes many facets. The training schedule has been developed to have approrpriate sessions at the right time of the academic year, for example having more sessions on assessment and feedback during September/October and again Februrary/March. As more sessions are scheduled, they will appear in the learning technology training calendar. There will be a mixture of face-to-face and online if possible. Any of the resources will also be shared on this webpage.

Help and support with learning technology

If you are experiencing any issues with Vision/Blackboard or related technologies, please email ishelp@hw.ac.uk, so we can ensure that you get timely and approrpriate help.