Students at desk

In 2016, eight awards were presented to students of the LEADS (Learning Enhancement and Development Skills) Programme who had completed excellent work.

The Programme is taken by doctoral students and researchers at Heriot-Watt who have a teaching remit.  The Programme was newly re-accredited in 2015 and successful completion gives students Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).  Mentoring and a model teaching session with mentor feedback are key features of the new Programme, as are its disciplinary-specific elements taught by academic colleagues from across the University.

Student feedback informs the Programme culture of continual improvement and updating.  Students said in their feedback:

"Staff make the Programme interesting."

"The LEADS sessions were engaging and well-conducted."

"The delivery of the sessions demonstrated a clear pattern of how we need to teach."

"All the sessions were very useful: this is because they all go together and none can be left out."

"The 8 LEADS sessions successfully engaged participants in learning the core values we require to assist student learning.  We have learnt different way to engage and support students in effective learning.  We have also developed awareness of how to modify our teaching approaches to take account of diversity in the student population. “