A call was put out for projects that involved enhancement work which reflected the QAA Enhancement Theme: Student Transitions, Phase 2. The following projects were successful:

Understanding International Student Transition to Higher Education using Collaborative Techniques

Dr Tessa Berg, MACS

The transition to study at a UK university can be relatively smooth and uncomplicated, but for some, including international students, it can be stressful. This research used collaborative group work techniques along with focus group discussions to gather information. A collaborative drawing technique known as a “rich picture” (RP) was employed in order to gather analytical insights into student transitions. This project reveals how picturing stories offers capacity to communicate, irrespective of possible language, culture and education barriers.


The Student as Assessment Creator

Dr Jim Cameron, EPS

Development of Peerwise use in Level 2 Chemistry courses in aiding the transition from passive to active learning.

Online content to support MSc transitions

Dr Gudrun Kocher-Oberlehner, EPS

This project builds on previous Enhancement work related to student induction and retention within the School. Online content consisting of short, virtual, interactive mini-lectures (SVLs), MSc project podcasts and short interviews with teaching staff will be developed to aid student transitions to MSc programmes across the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences.


Transition of automated feedback and marking into student's learning environment

Dr Gudmund Grov, MACS

This is the second phase of a project concerned with the problem of how to provide timely and constructive feedback to first year Computer Science (CS) students by developing an automated feedback framework.


"Experience Counts" - Making that transition

Mr Darren Cunningham, MACS

This project produced a video tool that will disseminate the real life experiences of students’ learning, capturing personal insights of recent transitions from College to University. The aim of the video is  to present students with the experiences of others who have recently undergone significant transitions which hold valuable learning experiences.


Peer Mentoring

Mr Keith MacAskill, Student Support and Accommodation Services

The problem addressed in this project is the need to develop transition support for new students who are entering university.  Successful transition and integration into the academic and social life of university are key determining factors in student retention, progression and achievement. These also influence the quality of the student experience more generally.


Lost in Space

Mrs Fiona Pankhurst, SoTD

The key issue being addressed is easing the transition of Direct Entry students between F.E. and H.E. and improving the quality of their learning experience at Heriot-Watt University by ameliorating student integration and improving student retention rates. In addition, the project aims to improve the transition of all students through the final two years of their education and on into employment or further study upon graduation.