A call was put out for projects that involved enhancement work which reflected the QAA Enhancement Theme: Student Transitions, Phase 3 (final year). The following projects were successful:

Dr Amanda Hughes, EPS, Dubai

An Augmented reality 3D virtual lab assistant for 3rd year mechanical engineering students in the transition from passive to active learning

Dr Santiago Chumbe, MACS

Enabling Final Year students to enhance their cross-disciplinary communication skills through User Experience (UX) workshops

Dr Alasdair Gray, MACS

Smartphone App to support students transition to campus life

Ms Angela Cassidy, SoTD

Managing transitions through effective personal tutoring

Dr Manuel Maarek, MACS

Transition from passive learner to critical evaluator through peer testing

Dr Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, MACS

Automated formative feedback through an electronic exam framework

Mrs Devanshi Sharma, DEP Dubai and Malaysia

Using technology to improve classroom engagement of transitioning students and provide faster reflective feedback for staff

Dr Mohanaraj Balakrishnan, MFP Malaysia

Personalised Learning Unit (PLU)