This category covers information relating to the institution’s management and funding of its research activities; it does not include the actual results or data of research undertaken.

Specifically, the areas covered are:

  • Research funding
  • Research quality
  • Research strategies
  • Research management structure
  • Research support arrangements
  • Research ethics
  • Research students

Research funding

Statistical information on the major sources of our research funding. Information can be found via:

Research quality

Results of external measurement of the quality of our research. Information in this Category currently includes:

University's performance in the last Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Research strategies

Summary information on University–level strategic plans for research. Information in this Category currently includes:

Our strategies for research and knowledge transfer form an integral part of the University’s Strategic Plan.

Areas of research pursued by our University can be found here. These include:

Research management structure

A description of the structures we use to manage our research activity. Read more about our Research and Enterprise Services.

Research support arrangements

Procedures for supporting research can be found on our Research & Enterprise Services pages. Advice and support available to students and staff engaged in research activities can also be found on our Research & Enterprise Services pages.

Research ethics

Research ethics policies and procedures. Information in this Category can be found on our Research & Knowledge Transfer policies and procedures page.

Additional information can be requested via

Research students

Our policies and procedures for supervising and examining research students. The University's Postgraduate Research Degree Candidate Code of Practice is available.