Tackling inequalities is a major challenge.  As well as meeting our legal requirements we make sure that people across the University Community understand how they contribute to a Culture of Inclusion for All. This holistic approach helps us maintain an open and accessible working, living and learning environment where all are supported to reach their full potential.

British Sign Language version of introduction to equality and diversity


Inclusion for all

Find out more about who makes up the Heriot-Watt University community, information about our legal requirements and how we go about addressing equality and diversity.

Doing things differently

‘Doing things Differently’ is all about taking proactive steps. Proactive steps to foster an ethos of equality across the University and to make good practice the norm.

Colleague experience

What's it like to work at Heriot-Watt University and how do we embed equality and diversity into your working life?

Student experience

Coming to university is one of the biggest moves you'll ever make. Find out how we make sure equality and diversity enhances your student experience.


You can find out all about the projects we're taking forward to be proactive about equality and diversity at Heriot-Watt.