The Academic-related Professional Services Review is a process that assures the quality and standard of services that contribute towards a high quality student learning experience.  The reviews, which are undertaken over a five-year cycle, supplement other activities, such as internal annual reporting, external reviews by financial auditors or the Health and Safety Executive and annual performance reviews.

The outcomes of the Academic-Related Professional Service Reviews are reported annually to the Scottish Funding Council and the Quality Assurance Agency.

Full details of the process are provided below

Following the completion of Academic-Related Reviews, the Review Team completes a report, which will normally include a number of recommendations for action; the Service will then produce an action plan to address the recommendations.  The report and action plan are approved by the Quality & Standards Committee and submitted for information to the Senate and University Executive.

One year after the review, the Service will submit a progress report which will be considered and approved by the Quality & Standards Committee.  The Committee will then inform the Senate that the review process has been completed.

The Review Team reports, Service action plans and Service progress reports for the current review cycle (2015-16 to 2019‑20) are provided below. Reports from previous review cycles can be obtained upon request.

Professional Services Review Reports
Service Review Date Review Team and School reports.
Student Support and Academic Registry Mar 17 Report, Action Plan, Progress Report
Careers Jul 18 Report
Research Futures Academy Oct 19 Report, Action Plan, Progress Report
Library: information Services Nov 19 Report, Action Plan, Progress Report