QAA Scotland logo This page provides an alphabetical list of all policy, procedure and guideline documents related to the University's decisions on academic matters, particularly learning, teaching and assessment. This Policy Bank is intended to be the 'one stop shop' for:

  • University-wide learning and teaching policies
  • University procedures and guidelines relating to learning and teaching policy implementation
  • University Codes of Practice relating to academic matters
  • Quality assurance (approval, monitoring and review) information
  • External [academic] partnership information
  • Student administration policies and procedures related to academic matters (e.g. management of transcripts)
  • University templates associated with academic policies, procedures and guidelines.

Heriot-Watt University's learning and teaching policies, learning and teaching procedures and guidelines are managed by the Student Learning Experience Committee on behalf of the Learning and Teaching Board.



Academic Approvals

Academic Approval Process Briefing Paper

Academic Management Structures (Schools) at Multiple Campuses

Academic Mentoring (see Personal Tutoring)

Additional Entry Points in the Academic Year:

Academic Rigour in Assessed Work Policy

Additional Fees and Charges

Annual Monitoring and Review (AMR) (School; Partner)

Annual Monitoring and Review - Briefing Paper

Anonymous Marking Guidance

Approved Learning Partners

Approval of Validated Programmes and Changes to Validated Programmes

Approved Teachers, Approved Tutors and Approved Markers

Assessment Procedures (Marking Criteria, Deadlines and Learning Outcomes)

Assessment and Progression System (HAPS)


Policy on Block Teaching


Charter and Statutes (Current)

Chief External Examiners Briefing Paper

Collaborative Agreements

Committee Servicing Guidelines

Complaints Policy and Procedures

Contextualised Admissions: Policy

Code of Practice for the Management of Multi-Location, Multi-Mode Programmes

Code of Practice for the Management of Multi-Location, Multi-Mode Programmes Briefing Paper



Data Protection Policy




English Language Requirements

Engagement of Staff: Creating A Sense of Identity and Belonging for Students

Examinations in Different Time-Zones:

Exam Timetabling - Equality Impact Assessment

Examination Board Guidelines and Assessment Procedures (UG and PG)

Examinations - Approved Calculator Policy

Examinations - Dictionary Policy

Examinations Instructions for Candidates

Exchange Agreements

External Examiners

External Examiners Handbook (PGR)

External Examiners Handbook (Taught Courses)

External Reviews




Good Practice in Learning and Teaching: Institutional Approaches

Graduate Attributes (UG and PGT programmes)

Graduate Attributes - Briefing Paper

Graduate Apprenticeships

Guidelines on the Delivery and Assessment of Courses in Languages Other Than English


Higher Risk Postgraduate Research Programme

HE Qualifications in the UK, Ireland and Europe

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Changes to Programme/Course

HESA Student Data Collection Notice


Intellectual Property Rights


Key Dates for the Return of Marks, Grades and Decisions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Courses (internal only)


Learning and Teaching Key Principles - Briefing Paper


Management of Examinations Scripts (On and Off Campus)

Management of Transcripts and Certifications

Mitigating Circumstances - Application

Mitigating Circumstances - Policy

Moderation of Assessment:

Monitoring and Review Process - Briefing Paper

MQA Full Accreditation - Briefing Paper


Nominating a Third Supervisor for Postgraduate Research Students


Off-Campus Examinations:

Oral Examinations (PGR) - Role of the Internal Examiner


Overseas Graduation Ceremonies


Periodic Review:

Personal Tutoring (formerly Academic Mentoring):


Postgraduate Research Student Code of Practice

Process of Identifying Risk at the point of Approval (for Postgraduate and Undergraduate Studies Committees)

Professional Services Review Handbook (Academic-Related Review)

Programme Handbook Templates

Programme Titles, Learning Outcomes and Courses (Multi-Location/Mode Programmes):

Programme Transfer Policy

Posthumous Award Policy


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer:

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders


Re-Issue of Certificates to Graduates who have undergone Gender Reassignment

Risk Management Policy, Guidance and Risk Register Workbook (internal only)


Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF):

Severe Weather Guidance (Students)

Staff Scholarships and Remission of Fees Policy

Student Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures

Student Attendance Policy

Student Attendance Policy Compulsory Withdrawal Procedures

Student Attendance Policy Compulsory Withdrawal Procedures: Briefing Paper

Student Discipline Procedures

Student Discipline Procedures - Guidance for Schools

Student Information - Personal Data

Student Learning and Teaching Partnership Agreements 2017/18:

Student Learning Code of Practice:

Student Learning Experience:

Student Placements:

Student Records Management Policy

Submission of Coursework Policy

Supporting Student Athletes – Academic Flexibility

Supporting Student Carers Policy

Survey Framework and Process - Overview


Thematic Review for Review of Institution-wide Learning and Teaching Issues:


Temporary Suspension of Studies Policy

Thesis Submission Procedures and Guidelines

Transfer between Campuses:


Use of Student Data


Visiting Scholar Guidelines

VLE Minimum Criteria