From the 1st August 2017 the University Committee for Learning and Teaching replaced the Learning and Teaching Board (LTB).

This webpage provides access to 2016/2017 Learning and Teaching Board information.

The Learning and Teaching Board had institutional responsibility for strategic issues related to learning and teaching, including the University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, and the quality of the student learning experience. 

Further information on the Board is provided in the Learning and Teaching Board Handbook

The agendas from 2016/2017 academic year for the Learning and Teaching Board are noted below. For information on the 2016/2017 minutes and prior to this, please visit the LTB SharePoint site.

Clerk to the Board: Dr Maggie King, Head of Academic Quality

LTB agenda and minutes

07 September 2016
05 October 2016
02 November 2016
07 December 2016
11 January 2017 - cancelled
01 March 2017
07 March 2017 - Away Day
05 April 2017
10 May 2017
14 June 2017