Welcome to the Learning and Teaching Matters web page for staff. Here you will find updates on a wide range of learning and teaching developments at Heriot-Watt University, as well as key documents related to learning and teaching.

LTM logoThe page aims to:

  • Highlight strategic initiatives related to learning and teaching;
  • Promote new learning and teaching developments across the University;
  • Signpost to key information. such as Briefing Papers, Quick Guides and Strategy documents;
  • Engage our global community of staff in enhancing learning and teaching.

Feedback on Assessment: Sharing Practice Event

Across Heriot-Watt University, there is a rich diversity of practice in providing feedback on assessment to students, but so much of it remains localised; yet, many others across the University would benefit from finding out what feedback techniques are being used by their peers. To that end, a Learning and Teaching “Sharing Good Practice” Event on Feedback on Assessment will be held at the Edinburgh Campus on 27 February 2019, 2-5 pm, Craig Room, James Watt Centre.

The purpose of the event is to bring to light as many examples as possible of the feedback practices being used at HWU. Two external speakers will share their sector-wide work on feedback on assessment, Dr Susan Deeley, University of Glasgow, and Dr Alex Buckley, University of Strathclyde.  In addition, we have 10 members of HWU staff providing 5-minute lightning talks on their own feedback approaches.  The programme for the event is available.

Register now for this event.

Learning and Teaching Awards

Student Awards: the Deputy Principal’s Award will be made to individual students for academic achievement/excellence

Read more about the Deputy Principal’s Award.

Student Portal (MyHWU)

The Portal represents a step change in the student experience by improving the way we communicate with our students around the world. 

In response to the feedback we have received, we have developed a ‘one-stop-shop’ that enables students to access everything they need for their learning and education experience.

It is a tangible result of our continuous work within the Enhancing Systems and Processes project, one of the four Transformational Initiatives being delivered by teams from across all of our campuses. 

It’s the first port of call for digital interaction between students and staff and when it’s fully integrates it’ll be how all digital communication across Heriot-Watt will take place.

The Portal will transform the student experience at Heriot-Watt – making it more global, innovative and connected.

You can view the promotional video for the portal.