Athena Swan SAT Members

The School of Social Sciences Athena Swan self-assessment team was established in August 2017. The team consists of members of staff and students from across the School representing both the academic and professional services sectors. The team consists of male and female representatives and both full and part time staff members. 

The SAT team is lead by Dasha Grajfoner and Jemina Napier, and they aim to meet every 6 weeks, the SAT team reports directly to the Head of School. 

We have created some short profiles of the SAT members – please see below. 

Self Assessment Team

Dasha Grajfoner


Dasha (Assistant Professor) works on coaching psychology, leadership and animal assisted interventions. She joined Heriot Watt University as a Lecturer in 2012, after working for a few years as a practitioner psychologist with leaders and LGBT organisations on using coaching interventions to advance personal and professional development, wellbeing and mental health. Dasha's research interests are around diversity and gender equality in leadership and how coaching interventions can help in developing diverse leadership at workplace.

Jemina Napier

Jemina Napier (Professor) is an expert in intercultural communication, particularly sign language interpreting. She is a Head of Department so brings the experience of being a senior manager to the SAT, as well as being a working mother in a dual career relationship. Due to her personal experience of growing up in the Deaf community, her involvement in the LGBT community, and professional experience of and working with deaf sign language users, Jemina has a commitment to equity, diversity, inclusivity, intersectionality and social justice in all areas of life.

Tom Farrington

Tom is an Assistant Professor in the Business Management Department, which is part of the School of Social Sciences. His interest in Athena SWAN stems from his research into the politics of aesthetics in literatures and cultures, and from his personal commitment to feminism. He is a feminist and believes that addressing gender inequality is a vital part of being a responsible member of (at least) the society in which he lives, and that academics and the institutions with which they work must lead by example. He hopes that his perspective as an early career researcher will offer some insight into the pressures facing those in a similar, often precarious, stage of academia.

Siobhan McKiernan

Siobhan works within the SoSS professional services team as Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing Administrator. Her primary focus is on undergraduate admissions and her responsibilities include Edinburgh UCAS applications, contextual admissions, international admissions for our approved learning partners, and streamlining admissions processes. Prior to this, she worked as part of the SoSS Learning and Teaching Quality Enhancement team, focusing on administrative processes including approved teacher and tutors, external examiners and student disciplinary and appeals matters. Siobhan brings to the Athena SAT Team strong contextual knowledge about the School, the professional services team, and how we intersect with SoSS students, academic colleagues, central departments and Heriot-Watt as an institution. She also provides a perspective on the career development opportunities available outside of the academic pathways, and socio-economic issues that affect single income households.

Emma Guion Akdağ

Emma is an Assistant Professor within Languages and Intercultural Studies (LINCS), part of the School of Social Sciences. Emma joined HWU in 2003 and since then has consistently helped to develop the English section’s activities, most recently within the area of in-sessional academic skills support for postgraduate students across the University. As a part-time PhD candidate (University of Stirling) researching into the ethics and effects of internationalisation, Emma brings to the SAT an understanding of the student experience but also the challenges of maintaining a work/life balance. Outside of work, Emma has caring responsibilities for an elderly parent and has an interest in public perceptions of mental health illnesses.

Darren Jubb

Darren is an Assistant Professor of Accountancy within the School of Social Sciences. Darren believes that advancing gender equality is essential if academic institutions are to realise their full potential. As an early career researcher, Darren is interested in supporting women to overcome the challenges that they face when transitioning from education to full-time employment. Having studied at Heriot-Watt at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, Darren can provide detailed contextual knowledge of the student experience across different stages. He is also passionate about removing the numerous obstacles faced by women throughout their careers. Darren is currently supporting his partner, who works full-time as a Chartered Accountant and has recently welcomed a daughter into the world, through the significant career development obstacles that she is facing. Finally, based on his research into the music industries, Darren is interested in addressing the institutionalised inequality and lack of representation of women across the arts and humanities sector.  

Dan Hale


Dan Hale is an assistant professor in psychology. As a father of a young son, and the husband of a full-time working mother, Dan has a particular interest in balancing the competing roles of parenthood and work. His research has a strong focus on social inequalities including the role of ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status in health and life chances.

Jordan Fenlon

Jordan is an Assistant Professor of British Sign Language (BSL) within the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies which is part of the School of Social Science. He obtained his PhD from University College London in 2010 and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago before moving to Edinburgh in 2014. Jordan is profoundly deaf and uses BSL to communicate at Heriot-Watt. He is involved in both teaching and research here at Heriot-Watt within the field of sign language and linguistics. Jordan brings to the SAT team his perspective as a deaf early career researcher working in academia.  

Monica Tamariz

Monica joined Heriot-Watt University in 2016 as an Assistant Professor in Psychology. Before that, she was a post-doctoral researcher and teaching fellow at Edinburgh University’s Centre for Language Evolution. Both in her academic work and in her social life she seeks to understand cultural transmission. In particular, she is interested in the idea that the behaviours we observe, learn and produce are key to explain how attitudes and values emerge in individuals and persist over generations. She has two teenage children and is married to an academic. She believes that equal opportunities and equal recognition should be fundamental values in any enterprise, and is delighted to have the opportunity to promote them in academia.  

C-J Seller

Claire Jayne is SoSS’s Marketing and Communications Officer with oversight of School Marketing Strategy and Communications plan. Claire joined HWU part-time in 2016 on a 0.6 FTE basis and has recently been promoted to lead the School Marketing team. Claire is passionate about messaging, branding and rich media. Claire is a mother of two children aged 2 & 5 and also has caring responsibilities for an elderly grandparent who lives in Edinburgh. Claire’s husband does not work in academia and she therefore understands the pressures surrounding dual industry careers.

Evelyn Karlsberg

Evelyn joined Heriot-Watt in 2006 and her work has been mainly project-based. She started as the Administrator for the BP Project (an SoSS/EGIS team collaborating with BP Plc in the compilation of their annually published Statistical Review of World Energy). Her search for an additional challenge (the BP review is ongoing) in 2012 coincided with the start of the SoSS Alignment Project, whose aim was to align all Years 1-3 UG courses –in content and format-- in ALPs, Dubai and Malaysia. Her tasks included proofreading 40-plus courses and securing e-books from publishers for the ALP students. In 2015 she became formally part of the Learning and Teaching Quality Enhancement team. In 2016 she undertook the overhaul and updating of SoSS's Staff Learning and Teaching Handbook, and given that Alignment work had largely slowed down, in late 2017 was tasked with work involving the School Executive.