The passion our researchers and lectureres have for their subject plays a fundamental role in the learning experience gained here at Heriot-Watt University.  

You’ll see their eyes light up when they talk about their research and you’ll sense their enthusiasm passed on to students through seminars, lectures and coffee table chats around campus.

This year, the School of Social Sciences wants to celebrate our people, both students and staff, and find out what makes them tick. We want to discover exactly what it is they love about their subject, and find out why they feel it is an important area of study.

Through this series of interviews we will celebrate the people, subjects and research that makes Heriot-Watt University the special place it is - a place to love watt you do.

This month we meet with Abhijeet Ghadge, Assistant Professor in Logistics at Heriot-Watt University and Programme Leader for MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Read on to find out why Logistics and Supply Chain Management is becoming an incresingly important subject, and discover what makes Heriot-Watt a leader in the field.

Question 1:  What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management and why does it matter?

A broad definition for Logistics and Supply Chain Management would be “Management of product, finance and information flow between the supply chain network”. The supply chain network comprises of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end-customers, so basically, it’s all about meeting demand with supply.

It matters now more than ever because businesses are international and face increasing competition, so it has become vital to provide the best service to customers at minimum costs.

Logistics and Supply chain is critical to achieving this and therefore to a business’s performance.

Question 2. What do you love about logistics and supply chain management?

I love the interaction between the complex network of stakeholders in Global supply chain management. The field of logistics and supply chain management is constantly changing to the changing needs of customer, technology and environment. Its a pleasure to work in such dynamic field linking everything that we see around.

Question 3. How does Logostics & Supply Chain Managment affect everyday life?

Every product we use and service we consume is in some way associated with Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It looks at design, production, transport, storage and distribution activities which are all aspects of products and services that we experience on a day to day basis.

Question 4. What are future trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Right now the field is being revolutionized by the use of disruptive innovations and brand new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, etc. These disruptive innovations are expected to have a significant influence on tomorrow’s businesses and all of our lives.

Question 5. What do you love about researching and teaching at Heriot-Watt?

I feel proud to be part of a research group, which has been one of the leading centres of research in Logistics in the UK. Heriot Watt provides a conducive environment to pursue your stream of research in collaberation with university wide collegues who share similar research interests. The teaching is strongly linked with your research themes, giving you a feeling of satisfaction of combining research and practice. The reputation of the university in leading ideas and innovation, is one of the key driving factors for working with Heriot Watt university.  

Question 6. Finally, why should someone study Logistics and Supply Chain Management and why should they choose Heriot Watt University?

Every product and service depends on Logistics and Supply Chain in some way, and because of a current skills shortage across the industry, most of our graduates join tactical and managerial roles in Logistics and Supply chain management within 3 months of completing the MSc programme at Heriot Watt University.

Heriot-Watt has close to 20 years of experience in running our flagship programme in Logistics and Supply Chain management and it’s exclusively run by members of our world-renowned Logistics Research Centre. The studies are research-led but practice-driven and this means our students are ready for the ever-evolving needs of today’s supply chains when they graduate.

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