Name: Sean Stead Age: 21 Undergraduate Programme: MA (Hons) International Business Management University: Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh) Grade: First Class Honours

1.    Why did you chose to take part in the Global MSc?

I was already planning to return to Heriot-Watt to study a MSc, and had actually been accepted on the Strategic Project Management MSc course. But when this Global MSc opportunity popped up I had to apply! After enjoying my Int Bus Man at Heriot-Watt, I feel this Global MSc will enhance my learning, excel my career prospects, and allow me to understand various working environments and cultures much more effectively.

2.    What are your ambitions for the year?

I have always been very target-driven. I was motivated to achieve a First in my undergrad, and done so by achieving 8A’s in my 4th year. I plan to continue achieving excellent grades throughout my Global MSc. I believe the internship in Dubai will be invaluable to me – I aim to work as hard as I can out there, and to hopefully obtain primary research for my dissertation from my chosen internship. I also aim to fully embrace the opportunities that will pop up; to sustain a “yes” attitude to new things that may be outside my comfort zone.

3.    What are your career ambitions at this point?

I plan for my career also to “Go Global”. I aspire to work on the international stage and not to be restricted by location. I remain interested in strategic and project management. Following my undergrad dissertation, I remain heavily interested in the cycling industry and would love to work within it. Similarly, I have career ambitions and interests in the energy industry. I guess there is some overlap between these two sectors.

4.    Why have you chosen Heriot-Watt for a Business MSc?

After having 4 very successful and enjoyable years already at Heriot-Watt, it was the obvious route to continue my studies here. I engaged with Heriot-Watt’s objectives and global vision throughout my past 4 years, and believe this provides me with a solid platform to Go Global for my MSc.

5.    What do you think will be the most challenging thing about this year and why?

This degree format is still in its infancy and challenges will inevitably pop up at times, but I do not envision anything detrimentally challenging. The biggest challenge for me will be living in within 3 drastically different cultures across the year. Whilst I have travelled a variety of countries, I have never been to Asia so the culture there will be completely new to me.

6.    What are you looking forward to most about this year? 

Travelling. The set up in Malaysia will provide us with a fair bit of time to travel around Asia during the term.  Air Asia provide seriously cheap flights that I am looking forward to making the most of. I am also really looking forward to the internship in Dubai. Working and gaining professional experience in such an economically progressive country will be inspiring. 

7.    What elements of the course interest you specifically?

The elements of strategy and change management are specifically interesting to me, as they relate to my undergrad degree. Yet the project management and leadership aspects are also particularly interesting for me – I thoroughly enjoyed Project Management and Organisational Behaviour classes during my undergrad at Heriot-Watt. 

8.    What areas of the course will be the most challenging for you and why? 

I think Dubai will be challenging. The fact I will be doing an internship throughout the day, and then studying in the evening at weekend will test my time management skills and focus. Getting a correct balance will be vital. Whilst this will be demanding, it will be extremely rewarding. 

9.    When working in business what elements of this programme do you think will be the most transferable for you?

The cultural learnings will be extremely beneficial. Businesses and people operate so differently around the world, and this programme will open my eyes to such differences.

10.    Which specific skills do you think will be most enhances from studying this MSc? E.g.: Leadership skills / team work skills/ change management / strategy etc.…

I aim to develop all my skills throughout this programme, but more specifically in terms of strategy and change management – this was a key focus in my undergrad dissertation.

11.    Why do you want to do a Masters across 3 continents?

Globalisation; every single business faces the impact of globalisation and fundamentally, every single business encounters the pros and cons of globalisation. Experiencing academic learning, social cultures, and professional workplaces across 3 continents will be invaluable to my personal and professional development, and crucially, enhance my international vision and focus.   

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