School of Social Sciences Graduation Day gave us the chance to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students from Accountancy and Finance, Business Management, Economics, Psychology, and Languages and Intercultural Studies.

Our graduates should be proud of all they’ve achieved at Heriot-Watt University, from the degree certificates and knowledge they’ve gained to the memories and life-long friends they have made along the way.

Graduates posing with Class of 2017 sign

Graduation Day gave us the chance to wish our students all the very best for their bright futures and we had the privilege of awarding special prizes to recognise those who had performed exceptionally well. Read on to find out what our prize winners had to say about their time at Heriot-Watt University, and discover how they plan to see the world then change it.

Christie Brown – Brotherton Project Prize for Psychology

Christie Brown

"Studying at Heriot-Watt has been a really great experience for me. There are a lot of things I enjoyed during my time here: the wide range of psychology topics covered throughout my degree, the Heriot-Watt campus, and forming a really close group of friends. I will miss studying at Heriot-Watt because graduating brings an end to a chapter in my life that I have been very fond of. However, I do look forward to the future and new adventures. I plan to do an MSc in Educational Psychology to achieve my goal of becoming an Educational Psychologist."

Jennifer Cruise – Watt Club Medal for Best Performing Student in Languages

Jennifer Cruise

"While at Heriot-Watt I have been fortunate enough to benefit from the passion and expertise of many dedicated lecturers in the Languages department, without whom my experience would have been very different. I also particularly enjoyed the opportunity to practise my skills in realistic settings, making use of the professional standard equipment available. Benefiting from all this, I leave Heriot-Watt with the ambition of working as an Interpreter and am therefore looking to gain further experience, while continuing my training in this field."

Abigail Dodds – Fiona Watson Memorial Fund Prize for International Business Management with Languages

"From the moment I first visited Heriot-Watt University back in 2013 I knew it was perfect for me. The campus offers something unique and exciting, creating a constant buzz. Gaining the opportunity to study amongst the beautiful Scottish landscape is definitely something I will miss since being outdoors is something which gives me great enjoyment. The benefit of studying in the outskirts of Edinburgh has been that it opens your eyes to more opportunities. One minute you may have your head in a book gazing out the third floor of the library across the mountain tops of the Pentlands, the next you can be walking amongst the flocks of tourists on Princes Street. Edinburgh appeals to all. As I commence the next chapter in my life, I have a plethora of ideas in mind for the future, some more realistic than others. Nonetheless, being awarded The Fiona Watson Memorial Fund and having the opportunity to intern at the United Nations HQ in New York has definitely been my greatest achievement in my University career. I am truly honoured to continue Fiona Watson’s peacekeeping endeavours."

Myrto Efstathiou – Watt Club Medal for Best Performing Psychology Student and Brotherton Project Prize

"The BSc Psychology course in Heriot-Watt University provided me with enjoyable challenges and opportunities to broaden my mind and my skills as a professional but most importantly as a person. Research was an immensely interesting part of my studies and inspired me towards pursuing opportunities as a research intern at the Brain Stimulation Lab. Collaboration was another part that increased my skills to work as a team.

Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Campus has, in my opinion, one of the best and most advanced campuses in the UK and it is what I will sincerely miss. From the little loch and the paths through the woods matching the stunning views that surround the university, to the rich library, the huge auditoriums and the very-well-equipped labs.

As for the life in Edinburgh, I would just say that it is a beautiful, diverse city, full of interesting people of different cultural backgrounds; incredible sceneries and architecture; not to mention the uncountable places to satisfy every taste in entertainment. My graduation plans stretch far beyond the Bachelor’s Degree and immersing into a Master’s in Clinical Health Psychology while continue working as a support worker for people with learning disabilities."

Kieran Gillespie – Watt Club Medal for Best Performing Economics Student

"After four years in Edinburgh, leaving Heriot-Watt really does feel like leaving home. I couldn’t think of a better place to spend my years as a student. Within the economics department I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some fantastic academics and alongside some brilliant students. After graduation, I’ll be moving to London to work as a trader for BP and am looking forward to applying the skills I have learned here to add value to my team. I hope that I’ve had a positive impact on the experience of others while I’ve been at Heriot-Watt, they certainly made university what it was for me."

Tokka Latif – Watt Club Medal for Best performing Accountancy and Finance Student

"My experience at Heriot Watt has been a challenging yet the most precious one. As well as the great academic knowledge that I have gained, I have also developed many interpersonal skills that I think will aid me greatly later on in my career and personal life. I am aiming to join a multinational company and work up the ladder to become its CEO."

Jamie Younger – Economics Departmental Prize

"I absolutely loved my time at Heriot Watt! Despite directly entering into 2nd year, the staff and my class mates made me feel so welcomed and part of the Heriot Watt team. I thoroughly enjoyed their lectures and will miss student life greatly. I am to get a job in equity research post-graduation and to complete the relevant qualifications for the industry. However, a doing a masters in behavioural economics is potentially on the horizon."

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