Global Infrastructure Networks - The Trans-national Strategy and Policy Interface

Dr Colin Turner, from the Business Management department of The School of Social Sciences, has recently published Global Infrastructure Networks – The Trans-national Strategy and Policy Interface, alongside Debra Johnson from Hull University Business School.

The volume, published via Edward Elgar Publishing, looks at the forces shaping the evolution of infrastructure networks and the integration of national systems in a global context. Dr Turner and Johnson’s research exposes the move to interconnect state infrastructures as a strategy to support and enhance states’ territoriality, examining the main internationalised infrastructure sectors: energy, transport and information.

Dr Turner, commenting on his work with Debra Johnson, said:  “The research reflects a long-standing interest in infrastructure and builds upon work we have done upon European infrastructure systems. We were trying to add to the debate that in a world of global flows, physical structures matter as does the governance of such systems.”

The book has met with critical acclaim from global academics. Jim Hall from the University of Oxford, said: “Turner and Johnson look through the lens of political economy to untangle the complex processes of infrastructure development that are shaping societies, economies and landscapes worldwide.

Frank Wilcox, of Ghent University in Belgium, added: “This book can be considered as ‘the next level’ in the analysis of global infrastructure networks. A stimulating read for all interested in how global infrastructure networks perform such functions as control, integration, security and growth.”

The publishers said: “Global Infrastructure Networks will be of great interest to academics and graduate students of geography, political economy and public policy. International policy makers will also find this a compelling read as it identified the benefits and limitations of upcoming developments in global infrastructure.”

Global Infrastructure Networks – The Trans-national Strategy and Policy Interface can be purchased from Edward Elgar Publishing -