The Global Masters Project students are settling into life in Malaysia – the first part of their truly global experience. As part of this fantastic project they will be keeping us abreast of their activities – ‘warts and all’ through a blog.

We kick start this blog with their first entry into life in Malaysia; living, eating, sleeping and learning!

Fraser McGarrigile:

We’ve been in Malaysia for around 10 days now, and starting to settle. The people are very friendly, we’re getting used to the climate, and the culture is more open and diverse than I expected. Compared to other Muslim countries, their views are refreshingly liberal, and you can quickly start to feel at home.

It took a few days to get rid of the jet lag, and a low point for me was the home sickness I felt whilst unable to sleep at 3 or 4am.

On the plus side, the accommodation is excellent, and there is lots to explore within Kuala Lumpur itself to keep you busy!


The high points are mostly yet to come – so far we’ve got tickets for the Malaysian Grand Prix, and are about to depart for Langkawi to spend a few days in the sun. We’re also planning a trip to Bali in a few weeks, and looking forward to the semester ahead!

Maria Owtscharenko:

Once everything was packed the journey to Malaysia was surprisingly quick, even though it was  17 hour journey. Once I arrived in the airport, I was very excited. Even though the weather and culture are very different, I adjusted very quickly and was looking forward to our induction day. The first day we got all required information about our classes, university culture and student associations. The day was finished with a university tour and some advice on what to do in Malaysia.

The next couple days we were exploring KL. Stating by seeing the city centre, the national Mosque and rooftop bars. The following day we continued with visiting the Batu Caves (my personal favourite) and Forest Reservation Institute Malaysia  (FRIM).

After that classes started and the ‘real uni life’ started.

It was fascinating to meet our fellow students from all over the world and to be able to witness their business knowledge and previous work experience.


Overall, I cannot wait to explore more of the delicious Malaysian people, culture and food.­­­­­­­­

Valentin Schlegel:

5 days at home between the end of my internship in the US and my flight to Kuala Lumpur. Just the time to go to the Malaysian embassy to take my single entry visa and do some laundry. I was running out of time, but all went well and after a long uneventful trip I arrived in the huge and hot KL airport. Someone from the Uni took me up, I really appreciated because I was very tired. I met Fraser by the way, who was waiting for me outside. The accommodation is so nice and I was surprised of the big pool with such a nice view, even more at night.

The day after, we went to the Uni and did a small tour, seems to be very modern and just border a lake which offer a good spot.

The university staff were very helpful and guided us, we directly went to the clinic to do medical test, the only way to get our student pass and start planning travels.


Sunday, September 10th , we had to wake up early for the induction day which went smoothly. Our first class was on Wednesday, Leadership. Looks like we will have a very interesting semester.

Sean Stead:

Before travelling to Malaysia I was excited; but particularly nervous. After spending a whole day travelling I was relieved to arrive at the accommodation, and was very impressed by it. I was first to arrive and had 2 days on my own, which wasn’t great. It wasn’t a great feeling: jet lag, not knowing anyone, nor the country. However, I settled very quickly and was pleased when the others arrived.

Our induction day was most informative, maybe even too much information! I had high expectations of the campus and its location from what previous students have said, and it did not disappoint!


The campus is beautiful and a great place to study. We are also arranging some volunteering work through a society in the university, and are very excited to begin helping them.

We have immersed ourselves in the Malaysian culture by exploring various cities, speaking to locals, and trying lots of new foods. Everyone has been very welcoming and most helpful when we were stuck. I am confident we will have an incredible semester out here in Malaysia!

We are delighted the four intrepid students are throwing themselves into the deep end of this experience and will be sharing this story in regular intervals here. You can also follow their journey in real time please like their Instagram Account:


They are studying on our MSc Business Strategy Leadership & Change