As part of the Information and Communication course lead by Dr Julie McFarlane, students are set the challenge of creating and running their own businesses.

The business they create are set up in real time – and are in operation for ten weeks. This exercise has been a really engaging and exciting task for our students, and what’s more it’s making a philanthropic impact! The University provides each team with set up costs of £20.00, and any profit generated is donated to the team's chosen charity of choice.

This assignment is a fundamental part of their overall grade and as anticipated the teams took it very seriously. Splitting into two teams: Soapaholics and Unwind, the teams devised their own products and strategies.  ‘Soapaholics’ decided to produce and sell their own homemade, handmade soaps, and ‘Unwind’ sourced and sold stress-busting fidget cubes. The teams had to create fully-fledged business plans, and present these and their results at the end of semester in a YouTube video.

The businesses needed to have an Information and Community Technology (ITC) element to sell either product online – creating a website/social media platform, sourcing the product and selling to gain a profit for their charities.

This year's teams did incredibly well. Soapaholics and their handmade organic soap blocks made a net profit of £307.22, which  they donated to their chosen charity - Beatson Cancer Charity - The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre is an internationally-renowned cancer centre and the busiest in the UK in terms of clinical activity and patient numbers.

Soapaholics' Video: 

Unwind and their stress-releasing fidget cube generated a net profit of £446.90 which they donated to Support In Mind Scotland - a charity that aims to support and empower people in Scotland affected by mental illness, including their family members and carers.

Unwind's Video

As you can imagine we are extremely proud of the efforts of the students, and their charitable donations have exceeded expectations this year! Well done to you all!

The course forms part of our International Marketing management with Digital Marketing. To find out more or apply click here: 

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