Baxters Internship - Akshita Bajpai

The Baxters talent Programme is a MSc Scholarship on offer to students on our MSc in Business Strategy, Leadership and Change, MSc in International Marketing Management and MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Students on this Scholarship received full payment of their postgraduate fees, as well as all travel costs associated with visiting Baxters premises and accommodation costs when undertaking projects at Baxter locations.

The successful applicants for 2016/17 Baxters Scholarship were Akshita Bajpal, Craig Imrie and Lisa Balestrieri, who have all begun their summer internships. Akshita Bajpai has written the following blog post about her initial experience with Baxters.My first weeks at the Baxters Internship: Akshita Bajpal  

After a brief meeting with Graeme Morrison (Fochabers Site Director) and Mike McDonald (Site Manager) at the Edinburgh office on 5th May, where some of the possible topics were discussed, I was quickly booked to travel to Fochabers for a weeklong induction starting from 8th May to look at the proposed area of focus. The trip was very informative and I got immense support from the staff at Fochabers, helping me understand Baxters’ supply chain much more closely. I was shown around the warehouse and both the production units. The initial tour around the site was very helpful in understanding and planning the scope of the project.

Akshita, MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

After careful discussion, three projects were shortlisted and agreed, to be looked at in depth in the following order of priority. The first would be to find opportunities to reduce the internal supply chain cost by 10% using lean tools, Optimise the flow of material into and out of the warehouse and lastly optimising the utilisation of vehicle to the customer. I am very excited about the projects as it involves putting to the test and practising the concepts I studied at Heriot-Watt during lectures - like implementation of lean tools, warehouse planning and management, supply network designing and optimisation. I reckon that post this process I will be better prepared to deal with real life commercial problems with much more confidence and ease. Baxters Talent Programme is a wonderful initiative that provides graduates with useful real life skills in their career!

Akshita, student on MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Baxters Scholar

Stay tuned for updates from our Baxters scholars as they progress on their internships, putting what they have learned here at Heriot-Watt into practice.

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