Tom Hendren (Array Marketing), James Del a Rossa (Array Marketing) and Elaine Collinson (Heriot-Watt University) held interviews to recruit for the annual Array Marketing Internship last month.

This highly sought-after, prestigious internship is based at the Array Marketing global head office in Toronto, Canada. Candidates stay in Toronto and also visit the American office in New York. Past candidates have been so successful that they have even been offered permanent positions with the global retailing merchandising specailists upon completion of their internship. 

This year, the level of applications were extremely high Array Marketing made the bold move to offer two Internships. The lucky candidates were Nora Holmen from MSc International Marketing Management with Digital Marketing and Carina Gerards from MSc International Marketing Management with Consumer Psychology. 

Hear from them below about how they approached the application process and how they are feeling ahead of this potentially career influencing opportunity.

How did you prepare for the application and interview process with Array marketing? 

"I made an infographic of my CV to make it more creative and eye-catching. I also conducted market research by visiting both Make-up retailers in order to get insight to the employees perception of the merchandising fixtures. I found the interview very relaxed and fun. I wanted to sell myself in the best way possible, and always tried to utilise my previous work experiences to explain how I could be an asset for Array. I also put a lot of emphasis on Digital Marketing and how I could contribute in this field. " - Nora Holmen

When applying for the Array Marketing Internship I wanted to stand out from the other applicants.

Nora Holmen

"I was very nervous and excited, because the chance means a lot to me. For many years, I have been passionate about this brand and I love the fact that Array is based in a diverse country, which I guess has a high influence on the way of thinking and working in this company. " - Carina Gerards

The interview process was very interesting and fair; we had to answer questions, post questions ourselves and were able to show our own work such as portfolios, movies and work achievements. 

Carina Gerards

What are you most excited about now that you know you are the successful candidates?

"For me it is hard to choose just one thing that I am most excited about! Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this internship is to gain insight to B2B marketing and view the whole process from getting an order to seeing the finished product. I am excited to see how Array work with their clients and customise their product to meet their needs and wants. I also look forward to working closely with Tom and James and gain knowledge from their experiences in this field. " - Nora Holmen

I am thrilled to visit Canada and explore Toronto in summer!

Nora Holmen

 "My biggest wish is to get a deeper insight into the different apartments and Tom´s and James´ work. Furthermore, I am exited to work internationally in various teams and I hope to inspire people with my experience in the Make Up Art industry and ideas for Array. Thus, I believe that I will have a good possibility to do research for my master thesis and that the results are helpful for Array and the market. " - Carina Gerards

We are so grateful for this chance and I think through this decision it is an enrichment for us to share our experience with each other.  I think the most exiting event will be to present our results at the end of the internship in front of the board. 

Carina Gerards