Intensive Interpreting Practice
Date Venue Cost Deadline for Registrations
3-7 December 2018 Heriot-Watt University £700 16 November 2018

This one week course is for interpreters or people who are training to become an interpreter and need more practice.


Our team of professional lecturers will be able to give you constructive feedback on your output in English whatever language you are working from.  This course will also allow you to practice into your mother tongue.  However, the feedback will vary depending on your language.

Led by a member of the University teaching staff and supported by audio-visual conference material along with live speeches this workshop will give intensive practice in Simultaneous Conference Interpreting and Consecutive Interpreting, within the framework of press conferences and other media.  Texts will relate to topical issues in real conference contexts.


  • Students wanting to further their interpreting training  
  • Professional interpreters who wish to refresh or develop their English (for instance with a view to adding English as a B language)  
  • Professional interpreters who wish to practice their B language


  • To gain some practice and fluency in your interpreting into English  
  • To get some professional feedback on your work  
  • To share your experience with peers from all over the world and get their feedback – something that rarely happens in a normal booth  
  • To improve or refresh your English B so that you can use it professionally


  • Simultaneous Interpreting Practice  
  • Consecutive Interpreting Practice  
  • Revision on  note-taking  
  • Mock Conferences  
  • Sharing on technical preparation techniques for interpreting  
  • Possibility to practice interpreting with Infoport  
  • Rephrasing  
  • Active Listening  
  • Memory Exercises  
  • Public Speaking
  • Dummy booth sesion at the Scottish Parliament

Course Leader

The course will be taught by expert staff from the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies (LINCS). This department has been offering courses in Translation and Interpreting since 1970.  It is one of only four UK university departments which have been granted membership of CIUTI, an international body which brings together universities which specialise in translating and interpreter training.  Our new state of the art digital interpreting labs will be available exclusively for use by students on this course.


For all enquiries please contact the course leader, Mathilde Guillemet

N.B. The course will only run with a minimum number of registrations and the University reserves the right to cancel if this number is not reached by the deadline.