A multi-language conference requires specialist equipment to ensure that delegates can follow the proceedings in their chosen language.

Integrated Language Services (ILS) has invested in state-of-the-art infra-red and digital interpreting equipment that complements and enhances our language services.

Because no third party is involved, we can guarantee a consistently high standard of service. Our interpreting equipment is used by most Scottish conference organisers as well as major hotels and conference venues further afield.

Our  interpreting service provides a comprehensive conference package, which includes:

  • teams of interpreters for multi-language conferences
  • experienced liaison interpreters for small meetings
  • translation of conference documents
  • state-of-the-art infra-red and digital interpreting equipment
  • the latest ISO 4043 soundproof booths to house interpreters
  • experienced audio-technicians to install and operate the equipment
  • PA system to complement and enhance the interpreting service
  • delegate microphones for round-table meetings
  • headsets with pocket-sized receivers for each delegate
  • radio microphones for audience participation
  • PA system, installed in the venue of your choice, which allows for self-contained interpretation as well amplification of the floor language
  • experienced technicians on hand to install and operate the equipment throughout
  • specialist advice including an inspection of the venue during the planning stages of a conference