Our research academics regularly publish discussion papers on topical areas relating to Accounting, Economics and Finance. We will be updating this section in due course, but you can access previous publications below. Individuals' published research can be accessed via their staff profiles


Multiple objectives in monetary policy: a de facto analysis for 'advanced' countries by David Cobham

Firm survival, uncertainty and Financial frictions: Is there a Financial uncertainty accelerator? by Joseph P. Byrne & Marina-Eliza Spaliara & Serafeim Tsoukas

English as a global language by Jacques Melitz

A Model of Optimal Development by Prabir C. Bhattacharya

A Model of Optimal Development: Further Results by Prabir C. Bhattacharya

Socio-Economic Determinants of Child and Juvenile Sex Ratios in India: A Longitudinal Analysis with District-Level Data by Prabir C. Bhattacharya & Vibhor Saxena

Discrimination in Accessing Cleaner Cooking Fuels and Electricity in North India: The Role of Caste, Tribe, and Religion by Prabir C. Bhattacharya & Vibhor Saxena

Foreign Language Learning: An Econometric Analysis by Victor Ginsburgh & Jacques Melitz & Farid Toubal


Monetary policy under the Labour government 1997-2010: the first 13 years of the MPC by David Cobham

Caught Between Theory and Practice: Government, Market, and Regulatory Failure in Electricity Sector Reforms by Rabindra Nepal & Tooraj Jamasb


A Framework for Analyzing Language and Welfare by Jacques Melitz

Native language, spoken language, translation and trade by Jacques Melitz & Farid Toubal

Joint estimates of automatic and discretionary fiscal policy: the OECD 1981-2003 by Julia Darby & Jacques Melitz

EMU, EU, Market Integration and Consumption Smoothing by Atanas Christev & Jacques Melitz

Time Horizons And Smoothing In the Bank of England's Reaction Function: The Contrast Between The Standard GMM And Ex Ante Forecast Approaches by David Cobham & Yue Kang

Monetary policy strategies, financial institutions and financial markets in the Middle East and North Africa: an overview by David Cobham

Financial crisis and quantitative easing: can broad money tell us anything? by David Cobham & Yue Kang

The past, present and future of central banking by David Cobham

Central banks and house prices in the run-up to the crisis by David Cobham

From Bretton Woods to inflation targeting: financial change and monetary policy evolution in Europe by David Cobham

Inequalities in Child Mortality in India: A District-Level Analysis by Prabir C. Bhattacharya & Cornilius Chikwama

Gender Inequality and the Sex Ratio in Three Emerging Economies by Prabir C. Bhattacharya