3rd year Maths student Anna Laura Suarez has been award an Undergraduate Research Bursary from the London Mathematical Society (LMS), for her research on ‘Non-commutative frame theory' under the guidance of her Research Supervisor, Dr Mark Lawson.

I'm happy to have this opportunity because I find it both useful and enjoyable to experience what research in Mathematics is really like. I'm very lucky that I'm able to do so already at this stage in my studies
Anna Laura Suarez

The project, part of Dr Lawson's 'Non-commutative Stone dualities' research programme, was ultimately inspired by Dan Shechtman's discovery of quasi-crystals in 1984 for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2011. Dr Lawson said "with colleagues in Germany, Portugal, and Slovenia, we have been exploring the mathematical ramifications of his work. Thank you to, Bernd Schroers, who was supportive in Anna Laura's application."

The London Mathematical Society has been around for 150 years, supporting undergraduates to encourage a career in scientific research.