Celebrating the work of our academics and researchers, the School of Mathematical & Computer Sciences launched our Research Impact Video Series in an event held at the Postgraduate Centre earlier this month.

The series of short videos showcases the diverse areas of research in which the School partakes and demonstrates why the research matters to industry and to the wider society. Topics covered range from the risk involved in pensions, to preserving fashion and art for the future, to the maths behind banking security.

As well as a broad range of research topics, the videos demonstrate the variety of activities in which we are involved, such as the multidisciplinary research project ORIGIN. This video explains how researchers from MACS, in collaboration with researchers from EGIS have worked together with community and industry partners across Europe to develop a sophisticated intelligent ICT system for the management of energy in communities.

The event was attended by staff and PhD students from across the University as well as colleagues from industry.

The screenings included:

The videos are now available on the MACS YouTube channel.

MACS would appreciate your feedback on their Research Impact Video Series, please contact Sandra McArthur with any comments.

(The ORIGIN project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 314742.)