FGB Hackathon 2016 - "Unity Insomniacs" Team Success

Team Unity Insomniacs from Heriot-Watt University (Abdullah, Misha, Inkar, Bello) created an Augment Reality application using the Unity engine. The Hackathon was hosted by First Gulf Bank in which Unity Insomniacs came in 3rd place!

Their app, FGB AR, was the first platform in the Gulf that brings banking to life by providing a quick, easy, safe and unique 3-dimensional design. The app uses AR to make banking easier and faster for things such as account management and understanding everyday spending on your credit or your debit cards.

How does it work?

Take your credit or debit card out of your wallet/purse, place it under the camera and you are in action.

You will be able to:

See what you are spending your money on

Check your available balance

How much you have spent on your card in the recent weeks

See when your next payment is due

And lots more!

FGB AR notifies the user when they are in proximity of any location with myfgbcard (their website) offer, as well as track nearby ATM machines.