Funding won for two exciting new projects

In celebration of Heriot-Watt's 50th anniversary the Alumni office issued a call for Annual Fund Grants to fund innovative student projects, extra-curricular activities and support clubs and societies. The purpose of these grants was to enhance the student experience and ensure that they leave us with the best possible skill-set and experience.

Dr Tessa Berg, Assistant Professor in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, successfully won a grant to support two exciting projects. £2,000 has been awarded to conduct a Disabled Mobility Access Study, this study will examine disabled mobility access in and around Heriot-Watt from the perspective of a student living on campus. The study will be conducted by a 1st year Computer Science student, Martyn Dewar, who has limited mobility and, therefore, first-hand experience of disabled access issues. Research will be undertaken during a full academic year using crutches, a mobility scooter and infrastructural transport i.e. taxi, bus, and train. The study will give a personal overview of disability access by noting ‘good 'access and ‘problematic issues'. The study has the potential to accurately highlight areas of improvement within the campus infrastructure and services. Such improvements could make a significant impact on widening access to Heriot-Watt.

£4,500 has also been awarded to purchase a Microsoft augmented reality device called HoloLens. The HoloLens device, which has only just been made available in the UK, will be used this year for a 4th year student, Jay Clifford, to assist in the development of an interactive speech companion for chronically ill children called ‘buddy bot'. The device will project a 3D holographic bear with the ability to play games and interact with children in hospitals. The device will allow students to develop their coding skills in new and intuitive ways and will create many opportunities for future projects. Find out more about the HoloLens. Video of HoloLens.