Dr Jessica (Yun-Heh) Chen-Burger of MACS chaired a session on Business Model Innovation and Disruptive Technologies at Agent and Multi-Agent Systems – Technology and Applications (AMSTA 2015) in Sorrento last month.

AMSTA is one of a suite of conferences within the over-arching Smart Digital Futures 2015 event organised by KES International at which papers authored by staff and students of MACS from both the Edinburgh and Dubai campuses were presented.

The MACS presenters were:

Sanaa Diab (Disruptive Innovation: A Dedicated Forecasting Framework)

Urszula Doloto (A Study of eBusiness Models Leveraging Technology Innovation)

Nick Taylor (Enabling Data Subjects to Remain Data Owners).

Dr Chen-Burger won £10K funding from NEMODE to assist in the organisation of her session and the travel expenses of the speakers.