Our MSc programmes give students the opportunity to develop specialist skills in key areas of science and engineering that lead to enhanced employment prospects or research careers in industry or academia.

All our MSc programmes are linked to active research and development groups who are internationally leading in several aspects of signal processing, vision and robotics, energy and power engineering, sensor and network engineering, microwaves and microelectronics.

In addition to taught material, all our MSc programmes give students to work on an extended project of high specification within the context of the research groups or with one of our many industrial collaborators.

Heriot-Watt University is one of the leading Engineering Institutions in the UK, rated comfortably in the top ten by Research Fortnight follwing the last Research Assessment Exercise, and as one of the four leading UK centres for Signal Processing by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation

Electrical Power and Energy is vital in today’s society particularly with the push for security and sustainability of energy supply. Methods for generating, transmission and distribution of electricity are changing.

Vision Image & Robotics (VIBOT)

The use of digital images, in video surveillance, biomedical and e-health systems, and remote sensing, create new challenges. Automated tools enable the organisation, mining and processing of these important knowledge resources.

Embedded Systems

This MSc course concentrates on the rapidly expanding area of embedded digital systems for communication, control and robotics.

Mobile Communications

This is an advanced MSc programme in the rapidly expanding area of Mobile Communications and Networks. This programme is concerned with the concepts, applications, design, development and deployment of mobile communication systems and networks.