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Robin Westacott

BSc(Hons), PhD, AMIChemE, MRSC, FHEA

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)131 451 4717
Room NM.07
John Coulson Building
Heriot-Watt University
Roles and responsibilities

Programme Director for Engineers of the Future
Lecturer for B41TM Thermodynamics – Heriot-Watt, Baku and Tomsk
Supervisor for MEng Year 5 Design Project
Supervisor for MEng Year 5 Research Projects
University Senate Member
Undergraduate Studies Committee


In his research, Dr Westacott uses the tools of chemistry and physics to investigate engineering issues of particular relevance to industry. His research interests are deposition processes in oil and gas transportation, supercritical fluids, separations and catalysis, and more broadly solvent effects on chemical and biological processes.

Currently he is working on: formation of gold nanoclusters for catalyst development, aqueous solutions in oil and gas processing and liquid hydrocarbons at interfaces.

Selected publications
  • Reed, S.K. and Westacott, R.E., (2008) “The interface between water and a hydrophobic gas”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 10(31), 4614-4622.
  • Euston, S.R., Hughes, P., Naser, M.A. and Westacott, R.E., (2008) “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Cooperative Adsorption of Barley Lipid Transfer Protein and cis-Isocohumulone at the Vacuum-Water Interface”, Biomacromolecules, 9(11), 3024-3032.
  • King, K. L., Paterson, G., Rossi, G. E., Iljina, M., Westacott, R. E., Costen, M. L., McKendrick, K. G. (2013), “Inelastic scattering of OH radicals from organic liquids: isolating the thermal desorption channel”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 12852-12863.

For a complete list of Dr. Westacott's publications, please go to his research profile portal.


Dr Westacott joined Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in January 2001. He graduated from what was Hatfield Polytechnic in 1991 with a BSc in Applied Chemistry, which included an industrial placement at the ESSO Research Centre in Abingdon. He then obtained his PhD from the University of Reading under the supervision of Dr Mark Rodger. Following this he undertook 2 periods of Post-Doctoral experience. Firstly, with Dr Carolyn Koh at Kings College London, where he studied gas hydrate formation and inhibition, and secondly with Prof Peter Rossky and Prof Keith Johnston, at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied chemical reactions in supercritical fluids.