Head of Discipline

Dr Julian Goodwin - j.a.s.goodwin@hw.ac.uk

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Julian Goodwin

Head of Chemical Engineering Teaching

+44 (0)131 451 4711
Room NG.20
John Coulson Building
Heriot-Watt University
Roles and responsibilities

I have been a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University since 1989. Before joining Heriot-Watt, I was a researcher at the University of Birmingham.

I currently teach undergraduate material on material balances, thermodynamic charts and tables, safety and distillation.

Many of my activities within the University are concerned with safety. As well as teaching occupational and process safety to undergraduate students, I am Safety Officer for the School of Engineering & Physical Sciences and sit on a number of University safety committees. From 2002-2005, I was Course Director for Heriot-Watt's Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety, delivered to HSE inspectors from 2000-2005, and also taught on this course. I contribute to Heriot-Watt's distance learning CPD course Workplace Health, and am currently a member of the Organising Committee for IChemE's 12th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries, to take place in Edinburgh in May 2007.

Other administrative tasks include being Chairman of the Chemical Engineering Staff-Student Liaison Committee and sitting on the University's Ordinances & Regulations Committee.


My main research interest is in the field of biological wastewater treatment, particularly anaerobic digestion and activated sludge, although I have been involved in other projects with an environmental theme.

I have been a member of the Editorial Board of Environmental Technology since 1994.

Selected publications
  • M. Leethochawalit, J. A. S. Goodwin, V. Meeyoo, M. T. Bustard and P. C. Wright (2004). Application of a solvent-tolerant microbial consortium for biofiltration of extremely high concentration gaseous solvent streams, Environmental Technology, Vol. 25, 491-499.
  • B. L. McDermott, A. D. Chalmers and J. A. S. Goodwin (2001). Ultrasonication as a pre-treatment method for the enhancement of the psychrophilic anaerobic digestion of aquaculture effluents, Environmental Technology, Vol. 22, 823-830.
  • J. A. S. Goodwin, J. M. Finlayson and E. W. Low (2001). A further study of the anaerobic biotreatment of malt whisky distillery pot ale using an UASB system, Bioresource Technology, Vol. 78, 155-160.