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Fernando Cárdenas-Lizana



+44 (0)131 451 4115
Heriot-Watt University
Roles and responsibilities

Mentor 1st and 2nd year Chemical Engineering students.

B48BA_B48BB Process Industries C/Process Engineering A – Demonstrator Chemical Engineering 2nd Year Laboratory Experiments.

B41FC/FD MEng Research Project C and D – Project supervisor.

B41HC/HD MEng Design Project C and D – Project supervisor.


The main subject of his research is selective hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis reactions, kinetic modelling, catalytic growth of carbon nanofibers, design of structured (e.g. metal-fibrous and polymer-based) supports and synthesis/characterization of new generation catalysts, e.g. nitrides and carbides, aiming to gain a fundamental understanding of the parameters that control the catalytic response. His research interests span from the design and development of novel catalytic materials, kinetic modelling and new reactor engineering concepts towards sustainable manufacturing processes for the chemical industry.

Selected publications
  • F. Cárdenas-Lizana, C. Berguerand, I. Yuranov, L. Kiwi-Minsker,(2013). Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes: Boosting Nanoparticle Efficiency by Confinement within Highly Porous Polymeric Framwork. J. Catal., 301:103
  • S. Gómez-Quero, F. Cárdenas-Lizana, M. A. Keane, (2013). Unique Selectivity in the Hydrodechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol over Hematite-Supported Au. J. Catal., 303:41
  • F. Cárdenas-Lizana, S. Gómez-Quero, G. Jacobs, Y. Ji, B. H. Davis, L. Kiwi-Minsker, M. A. Keane, (2012). Alumina Supported Au-Ni: Surface Synergism in the Gas Phase Hydrogenation of Nitro-compounds. J. Phys. Chem. C., 116:11166
  • F. Cárdenas-Lizana, S. Gómez-Quero, L. Kiwi-Minsker, M. A. Keane, (2011). β-Molybdenum Nitride: Synthesis Mechanism and Catalytic Response in the Gas Phase Hydrogenation of p-Chloronitrobenzene. Catal. Sci. & Technol., 1:794
  • F. Cárdenas-Lizana, S. Gómez-Quero, H. Idriss, M. A. Keane, (2009). Gold Particle Size Effects in the Gas-Phase Hydrogenation of m-Dinitrobenzene over Au/TiO2. J. Catal., 268:223
  • F. Cárdenas-Lizana, S. Gómez-Quero, A. Hugon, L. Delannoy, C. Louis, M. A. Keane, (2009). Pd-Promoted Selective Gas Phase Hydrogenation of p-Chloronitrobenzene over Alumina Supported Au. J. Catal., 262:235

For a complete list of Dr. Cardenas-Lizana's publications, please go to his research profile portal.


Dr. Fernando Cárdenas-Lizana has been recently appointed as a Lecturer in the Institute of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering (IMPEE). Prior to this, he was a Research Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) Lausanne (2009-2013) and Doctoral Assistant at Heriot-Watt University (2005-2009). He completed a MSc in “Sustainable Process Management” at Heriot-Watt University and a MEng in Chemical Engineering at the University of Granada, Spain.

Hi is the author of 32 peer reviewed scientific publications (current h-index 12) and 1 patent, which is currently under industrial exploitation.

His work has been recognized by several awards including the McFarlane Prize for the best PhD Thesis, Engineering and Physical Science Research Thesis Prize, 2nd Prize in the Young Researcher’s Award Competition, Prize to the Best Oral Presentation in: IChemE Conference on Applied Catalysis.

He is a Reviewer for several international journals including Journal of Catalysis, Applied Catalysis A: General, Catalysis Communications, Catalysis Science & Technology, Chemical Engineering Communications, Microporours and Mesoporous Materials, Reaction Kinetics: Mechanisms and Catalysis, RSC Advances and RSC Catalysis Series.