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David McNeil

BSc, PhD, FHEA, CEng, FIMechE

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)131 451 4375
Room 2.31
James Nasmyth Building
Heriot-Watt University
Roles and responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Fluid Dynamics and researcher in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow.

Teaching interests include Computational Fluid Dynamics and Gas Dynamics.

Research interests are in boiling, condensation and two-phase flow.


Current research is in three areas

Experimentation and modelling of:

  • two-phase flows on the shell side of shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • low pressure boiling on the shell side of evaporators.
  • boiling on complex surfaces at the millimetre scale (mini scale).
Selected publications
  • McNeil D.A. and Stuart A.D. (2003).The effects of a highly viscous liquid phase on vertically upward two-phase flow in a pipe. Int J Multiphase Flow, Vol 29, pp 1523-1549.
  • McNeil D.A. and Stuart A.D. (2004). Vertically upward two-phase flow with a highly viscous liquid phase in a nozzle and orifice plate. Int J Heat and Fluid Flow, Vol 25, pp 58-73.
  • Salam, B., McNeil D.A. and Burnside B.M. (2004). Pressure drop measurements in a low pressure steam condenser with a horizontal bundle of staggered tubes. Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol 24, pp1365-1379.
  • Burnside, B.M., Miller, K.M., McNeil, D.A. and Bruce, T. (2004). Flow velocities in an experimental kettle reboiler determined by particle image velocimetry. Int J Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol 48, pp1000-1016.

For a complete list of Dr. McNeil's publications, please go to his research portal page.


David McNeil is a Senior Lecturer at Heriot-Watt University, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He has carried out research in two-phase flow and heat transfer for over 25 years. For the first 6 years he was a government scientist at HTFS-NEL and analysed and implemented experimental data in computer programs for the design of heat-transfer and fluid-flow equipment. Subsequent to this he has been an academic at Heriot-Watt University. He has refereed for many international journals and conferences and has published over 50 papers in International Journals and refereed International Conference proceedings. His most recent work has been in two-phase flow modelling and experimentation on the shell-side of heat exchangers and in boiling flows in mini channels.

Further information

Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Chartered Engineer

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy