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Alan Harper

Lecturer (Part-Time)

+44 (0)131 451 4378

Heriot-Watt University

Professional Affiliations:

  • IChemE: Fellow, Chair of Scottish Branch
  • IEMA: Full Member, Co-chair Central Scotland, group and council member
  • Institute of Physics: Fellow, former board and council member
  • Former chair IoP Scotland and Professional Standards Committee
  • Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland: Fellow
  • Member of Chartered Science Teacher Registration Board
  • Science Council: member Registration Authority
  • Chair of Complaints Panel Institution of Chartered Foresters

Industry Working Parties:

  • CIA Specialty Organics Sector Effluent Management Team (1997 - 2002, chair from 2000)
  • Chief Executive: Engineering and Technology Association of Scotland (2005-08)
  • IChemE Technical Strategy Roadmap Group (2005 " current)
  • Scottish Chemical Initiative (2005 " current): Sustainability Forum, Regulatory forum, Innovation forum.

For more than 20 years Alan has been active in the public awareness of science, technology, industry and engineering having organised, chaired or presented at many events. His current lectures are "Physics and the Steam Locomotive" and "Science and the Titanic".

Selected publications
  • A J Harper, Waste Minimisation and Recycling: Principles, Procedures and Practice at "Increasing Profits - Reducing Waste", IEM, Glasgow, May 1998
  • G.R. Astbury, A.J. Harper, Large scale chemical plants: eliminating the electrostatic hazards Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 14 (2001) 135"137
  • A J Harper, Process Selection Criteria and BAT at " Delivering IPPC 2003", IChemE, Rugby 2003
  • A J Harper, Better than BAT: Emergent Technology for the Specialty-and-Pharma Chemical and Physical Sectors at "Emerging Environmental Technologies for the Specialised Organic Chemicals Sector", CIA, May 2005

Initially trained as a physicist, Alan briefly worked in naval shipbuilding and atomic energy, deserting both due to lack of career prospects. Three years in chemical engineering research at Edinburgh was followed by nearly thirty years in the chemical industry working for ICI and its successors, Zeneca, AstraZeneca and Avecia only leaving when the balkanisation of the chemical industry began to limit what remained of his career prospects and area of operation.

Alan joined Heriot-Watt in 2006 taking part in the teaching for the sustainability MSc course, thermodynamics, heat transfer and management systems. He organises Continuing Professional Development lectures and workshops in the School in conjunction with various professional bodies. He carries out consultancy through the university and through his firm StratoCirrus Technologies. Alan is seconded by the university as Innovation and Technology Manager for the National Industrial Symbiosos Programme.

Since 1990 Alan has worked mostly in environmental protection and industrial effluent treatment. Main areas of interest include the application of fundamental science and engineering concepts and advanced technology to critical areas of environmental compliance. He worked for many years for ethical non-vertebrate testing and the development of advanced effluent toxicity testing (the consortium won a 2002 Biowise Award).