Dr David Flynn has been awarded a grant of £189,000 for 33 months from McTaggart Scott Ltd to lead a project on multi-sensor units for condition monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems.

The key areas of development within this project include:

- designing the monitoring sensor system to be minimally invasive, to be powered and able to communicate information through robust packaging without causing interference to neighbouring systems, and to withstand the operational environment of varying pressures, temperatures, vibration, etc that will be experienced on board a vessel. The packaging and testing of these sensors will therefore be crucial to the project.

- the integration of this new technology into existing systems. With weight and size as major factors in the design of any in-situ monitoring equipment, this will require miniaturisation of current test technology and testing under a variety of environmental conditions in order to meet reliability criteria.

- construction of accurate Physics of Failure and Data Models for prognostic and diagnostic monitoring. This will ensure that the system operates effectively and that the system displays the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to MacTaggart.