This is a four year programme funded by EPSRC under the direction of Professor Roger Woods (Queen’s, Belfast) and Professors Greg Michaelson and Professor Andrew Wallace (Heriot-Watt University). The project commenced in May 2013 and has £1,354,814 funding split approximately equally between the two centres. The main objective of the proposal is to harness the raw performance capability of accelerating hardware, particularly field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), to meet the demands of a number of current and emerging markets that look to employ image processing. In particular, it is proposed to look at creating a domain-specific, processor core, termed an Image Processing Processor or IPPro, that offers a high degree of performance whilst at the same time can be programmed relatively easily in software. The result will be a high performance solution which can be rapidly altered to implement a range complex image processing algorithms which currently cannot be accommodated. We argue that it will act to radically change how specialists can build future image processing systems for a wide range of applications, including medical image analysis, video analytics and sensor guided driver assistance and autonomy for mobile vehicles.