Marie-Curie Industry-Academia Pathways and Partnership (IAPP) DORADA (radio technologies for broadband mm-wave satellite communication systems).

The project, led by Prof. George Goussetis (Reader in microwaves and antennas at ISSS), is in collaboration with Space Engineering in Italy and aims to develop the technology that will enable future broadband satellite communications on the move. Emphasis is placed on novel antenna architectures and innovative passive and active mm-wave circuitry which will overcome present technological bottlenecks related to the development of future mm-wave very small aperture terminals (VSATs).The technology developed under DORADA is being tested on the air exploiting to Europe’s and the World’s most recent experimental mm-wave civil communication payload, the experimental Technology Demonstration Payload #5 (TDP#5) on-board the ALPHASAT satellite that was launched in 2013.

The project, of total approximate value €1.5M, started in January 2014 and will last for four years.