The Russian Translation of Dr Xianwen Kong’s Book Published

Dr Kong’s book focuses on the systematic creative design of multi-arm parallel mechanisms, which is a fundamental and key issue in the design of a wide variety of innovative devices based on parallel mechanisms such as parallel manipulators, motion simulators, haptic devices, nano-manipulators and walking robots.  In the future edition of his book, Dr Kong plans to cover the systematic approach to the creative design of parallel mechanisms with multiple operation modes that has been developed during his EPSRC Project No EP/I016333/1. One parallel mechanism of this kind may act as two conventional parallel mechanisms, each of which is associated with one of its operation modes. Such parallel mechanisms has great application potential in the development of reconfigurable packaging/manufacture line for rapid changeover.

Jon Shephard appointed to EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research

Dr Jon Shephard has been successful in obtaining a position on the initial twenty strong team of the newly formed EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research. The Forum is designed to bring together early career academics who have the potential to become future leaders in fields of UK manufacturing research. By using the Forum, we hope we can help the members grow their professional network to include other academics from a diverse range of research fields, representatives of UK manufacturing industries, and a range of relevant policy and decision makers.  

Dr Kong Awarded 2012 Freudenstein/General Motors Young Investigator Award

Dr Xianwen Kong, Lecturer in the Institute of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering, won the 2012 Freudenstein / General Motors Young Investigator Award, which was established by the ASME (America Society of Mechanical Engineers) Mechanisms and Robotics Committee to encourage young investigators in accomplishing high quality research. The award is aimed at a paper that makes a significant original contribution to the theory or practice of mechanisms and has the potential to enhance the public good. The award was presented at the 36th ASME Mechanism and Robotics Conference held in Chicago, USA in August 2012. Dr Kong received this award for his paper entitled "Type synthesis of variable degrees-of- freedom parallel manipulators with both planar and 3T1R operation modes". The work in the paper was supported by EPSRC under grant No EP/I016333/1.