Head of Institute Research Institute IB3<br /> Director of Nanosafety / Professor of Toxicology

+44 (0) 131 451 3460
Room F17<br>John Muir Building<br />Heriot-Watt University<br />Edinburgh<br />EH14 4AS<br />United Kingdom
Vicki Stone
Roles and responsibilities

I am Professor of Toxicology and Director of Nano-Safety Research Group in the School of Life Sciences.

My responsibilities include:

  • Member of SnIRC (Safety of nanomaterials Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration) that includes Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University, the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), the University of Edinburgh and Central Sciences Laboratory.
  • Director of Toxicology for SAFENANO, a facility to support the risk, exposure and hazard needs of nanotechnology industries.
  • Editor-in-chief of the journal Nanotoxicology (impact factor 5.77).
  • PhD supervision and conducting numerous PhD vivas at universities throughout Europe.

Current research

  • EC FP7 funding – NanoImpactNet (€26,870), ENPRA (€191,537), InLiveTox (€430,107), Qnano (€200,000)
  • EPSRC – High performance carbon nanotubes (£200,000)
  • The Colt Foundation – Molecular mechanisms of nanoparticle induced toxicity (£189,372), Nanoparticle – protein interactions (£287,282)
  • Daphne Jackson Fellowship - Adjuvant effects of nanoparticles (£50,560)
  • Unilever - Ecotoxicology of nanoparticles (£52,500)
  • US-UK (NERC) – Manufactured Nanomaterial Bioavailability and Environmental Exposure (NanoBee) (£180,000)

Recently completed projects

  • NERC led JEHH programme – Human and environmental effects of nanoparticle exposure (£180,000)
  • Defra – REFNANO, HARN, CELLPEN and EMERGNANO (all published online)
Selected publications

Gaiser BK, Fernandes TF, Jepson MA, Lead JR, Tyler CR, Baalousha M, Biswas A, Britton GJ, Cole PA, Johnston BD, Ju-Nam Y, Rosenkranz P, Scown TM, Stone V. Interspecies comparisons on the uptake and toxicity of silver and cerium dioxide nanoparticles. Environ Toxicol Chem 2010. Accepted

Gaiser BK, Biswas A, Rosenkranz P, Jepson M, Lead JR, Stone V, Tyler CR, Fernandes TF. Effects of silver and cerium dioxide micro- and nano-sized particles on Daphnia magna. J Environ Monitor Accepted

Aschberger K, Johnston H, Stone V, Aitken R, Tran CL, Hankin S, Peters S, Christensen FM. Review of fullerene toxicity and exposure - appraisal of a human health risk assessment, based on open literature. Regul Toxicol Pharm 2010;In press

Aschberger K, Johnston H., Stone V, Aitken R, Hankin S, Peters A, Tran CL, Christensen FM. Review of carbon nanotubes toxicity and exposure-appraisal of human health risk assessment based on open literature. Crit Rev Toxicol 2010; In press

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I graduated from the University of Leeds in 1991 with a 1st class honours degree in Physiology. At the University of Leeds I was the recipient the University of Leeds Centenary Medal.

My PhD was completed at Birmingham University in Toxicology in 1994 supervised by Prof Roger Coleman and Prof Kevin Chipman. While studying in Birmingham I was awarded the British Toxicology Society Young Investigator Award.

I provided expert advice on particle toxicology to the World Health Organisation, the Royal Society/Royal Academy of Engineering and to the Royal Commission.

I am a member of the Department of Health’s Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution (COMEAP), and in the past have worked as an executive member of the International Council on Nanotechnology (ICON) and Consultant to the Olympic Medical Association.

I have been an invited speaker at conferences in Australia (Perth and Sydney), Asia (Taiwan and Japan), USA (San Francisco, North Carolina, Florida, Miami) and Europe (Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland).
Collaborators spread across Europe (more than 20 institutes through EU projects), USA (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, University of Rochester, Rice University) and Japan.

I am an expert advisory panel member for CEINT (Center for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology, Duke University, USA) and NANOTEST (EC FP7 funded project).

I have published over 100 research papers.

Further information

I am a member of the British Toxicology Society.

I am a grant reviewer for MRC, EPSRC, The Colt Foundation, the Swiss National Research Programme, The Austrian Research Council and others.