Recent research in the heteroborane group has discovered a way to synthesise 8,1,2-MC2B9 metallacarboranes. 8,1,2-MC2B9 is one of nine possible isomers for MC2B9 metallacarboranes. Such an isomer has only been reported once before (1972) as one of the products of a high temperature gas phase thermolysis and in that example a tether was necessary to keep the two cage carbon atoms adjacent. The new synthesis uses conventional room temperature solution chemistry and does not require C atom tethering. See "How to Make 8,1,2-closo-MC2B9 Metallacarboranes" by W. Y. Man, S. Zlatogorsky, H. Tricas, D. Ellis, G. M. Rosair and A. J. Welch, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2014, 53, 12222.