Mike Singleton

Manager, FASTrac

+44 (0) 131 451 8215
Room F1.1, Tom Patten Building, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, United Kingdom
Roles and responsibilities
  • Senior Research Fellow – FAST Research Group
  • FASTrac Co-ordinator
  • Scale Prevention – Laboratory Testing and Field Mitigation
  • Coreflooding and Flow Through Porous Media – chemical and brine interactions with rock
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery through Chemical Applications and modified brine chemistries

Mike Singleton is a Senior Research Fellow at the Heriot-Watt University Institute of Petroleum Engineering, where his research interests include mechanisms of oilfield scale formation, its prevention and the chemical interactions that take place during fluid flow through porous media. He is an active member of the Flow Assurance and Scale Team (FAST) joint industry project (JIP), which has 19 industrial sponsors and is also responsible for the group's consultancy activity (FASTrac).

Mike joined the FAST group in December 2004 following 10 years of service with Baker Petrolite, Liverpool, UK. During this time Mike was involved in the manufacture and testing of many oilfield service chemicals, ranging from demulsifiers to scale, wax and corrosion inhibitors.

From 1997-98, he was seconded to Heriot-Watt University Institute of Petroleum Engineering to study the molecular structure/activity relationship for a proprietary Baker Petrolite scale inhibitor and received an MPhil. degree for his work in this area.

In 1999, Mike returned to the Institute of Petroleum Engineering to lead a 5 year joint Baker Petrolite/Heriot-Watt University research project into the area of Chemical Water Control, investigating the mechanisms of Relative Permeability Modification (RPM), the development of suitable RPM chemistries and the design and deployment of these chemistries in the field. Mike also holds a BSc. Degree in Chemistry from Salford University, UK (1991).

Mike has authored/co-authored 8 publications and in excess of 50 consultancy research reports.