Research Fellow

+44 (0)131 451 3347
Room 1.28
William Arrol Building
Heriot-Watt University
James Morgan
  • Research with colleagues at SBE and AE Consultants: Procurement Efficiencies: Monitoring and Evaluation of Devanha Phase 2. Final evaluation report completed and published by Scottish Government in December 2012. Three interim monitoring reports covered from period 2008 to 2010.
  • Recent work with colleagues at SBE and others on development capacity. 
  • Previous work includes research into the role of design in the private housing developer sector in a project entitled Design at the Heart of Housebuilding for the Scottish Government. 
  • Led a variety of large interdisciplinary projects including the Evaluation of the Starter Homes Initiative for ODPM, 2005, with a contract value of over £100,000. Involved in various other research projects on affordable and intermediate housing.
Selected publications
  1. Morgan, J, Bowles, G, Carter, K and Evans A. (2012) Procurement Efficiencies: Monitoring and Evaluation of Devanha Phase 2, Scottish Government:
  2. Morgan J. and Satsangi M. (2011) Reaching the Parts other grants don't go? Supporting self-provided housing in rural Scotland, Housing Studies, Volume 26, issue 4
  3. Wilcox S, Wallace A, Bramley G, Morgan J, Sosenko F and Ford, J (2010) Evaluation of Mortgage Rescue Scheme and Homeowners Mortgage Support , CLG.
  4. Bramley G, Karley N K, Morgan J, Lederle N, Sosenko F and colleagues at University of York (2009)Evaluation of the National Mortgage to Rent Scheme, Scottish Government
  5. Hull, A, Morgan, J and Thanos, S. (2009) Civitas SMILE Cumulative Effects Assessment Reports, European Commission
  6. Pawson, H, Davidson, E, Morgan, J, Smith, R, and Edwards, R. (2009) The Impacts of Housing Stock Transfers in Urban Britain, JRF/CIH, York.
  7. With Colleagues at SBE, Edinburgh University & Edinburgh College of Art (2007) Design at the Heart of Housebuilding Research Report for Scottish Government.
  8. Morgan J and Watkins D (2007) Student Housing Issues in Newcastle
  9. Bramley G, Morgan J & Littlewood M (2007) Initial Evaluation of the Open Market Homestake Pilot, Scottish Government 
  10. Morgan J, Bramley G, Cousins L & Dunmore K. (August 2005) Evaluation of the Starter Home Initiative, London ODPM 
  11. Bramley, G. and Morgan, J. (2003) Building Competitiveness and Cohesion: The Role of New Housebuilding in Central Scotland's Cities, Housing Studies, Volume: 18   Issue: 4   Pages: 447-471  
  • Research Associate (1996 – 1998) and then Lecturer at Heriot-Watt University since 1998 in School of Planning & Housing and then School of the Built Environment.
  • Research Fellow in the Housing Policy & Practice Unit, Stirling University (1994-1996). 
  • 10 years housing practice experience (1984-1994) including in housing management with Edinburgh District Council, as Coordinator of Summerston Tenant Management Co-operative in Glasgow and in development with James Watt Housing Association in Greenock.