Associate Professor

+44 (0)131 451 8027
Room 1.26
William Arrol Building
Heriot-Watt University
Gina Netto

Longstanding interest in social justice and equality and diversity, with a particular interest in ethnicity.  This has been applied to studies on:

  • Access to public services, including housing, (mental) health and social care services
  • Employment and  poverty
  • Racialised and gendered violence
  • Multiculturalism
  • Identity negotiation 
Selected publications
  1. Netto, G (forthcoming) ‘Strangers in the City: Addressing challenges to the protection, housing and settlement of refugees' International Journal of Housing Policy 
  2. Netto, G and Beider, H (in press) Minority ethnic communities and housing: access, experiences and participation In Craig, G, Atkin, K, Chattoo, S and Flynn, R (eds) (in press), 'Race' and Social Policy, Bristol, Policy Press.
  3. Netto, G (2010) Refugee housing pathways, identity negotiation and ‘place' Housing Theory and Society First published on 24 August 2010
  4. Netto, G, Bhopal, R, Khatoon, J, Lederle, N and Jackson A (2010) ‘How can health promotion interventions be adapted for minority ethnic communities? Five principles for guiding the development of behavioural interventions' Health Promotion International daq012v1-daq012. 
  5. Netto, G, Pawson, H and Sharp, C (2009) Providing a safe space or closing the door to new possibilities: housing interventions to support women facing domestic violence. Social Policy and Administration
  6. Netto, G (2008) ‘Multiculturalism in a devolved context: minority ethnic negotiation of identity through participation in the arts.' Sociology Vol 42/No 1: 47-64 IF = 1.464
  7. Netto G, McLoughan L and Bhatnagar A (2007) ‘Effective heart disease prevention: lessons from a qualitative study of user perspectives in Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani communities' Public Health (2007) 121, 177-186 
  8. Netto, G (2007) ‘Creating a suitable space: a qualitative study of the cultural sensitivity of counselling service provision in the voluntary sector in the UK' Journal of Mental Health Vol 15, No 3: pp 593 – 605
  9. Netto, G, Gaag, S and Thanki, M (2007) ‘Increasing access to appropriate counselling services for Asian people: the role of primary care services' Psychiatry on line    
  10. Netto, G (2006) ‘Vulnerability to homelessness, use of homelessness services and BME communities' Housing Studies July 21/4 pp 581-603
  11. Netto, G (2001) ‘Partners in Name only? The involvement of black/minority ethnic voluntary organisations in coordinated approaches to tackling racial harassment' Journal of Public Policy and Administration Vol 15No3,pp75-91
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  15. Netto, G (1998) ‘I forget myself: the case for the provision of culturally sensitive respite services for minority ethnic carers of older people' Journal of Public Health Vol 20/2 221-226
  • Lecturer (2006- ongoing) School of the Built Environment, Heriot Watt University
  • Research fellow (1998-2006), Director of the Scottish Ethnic Minorities Research Unit, School of Planning and Housing/Edinburgh college of Art, School of the Built Environment Heriot Watt University
  • Commissioner with the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (2002-2007), Chair of Equality and Diversity Working Group
  • Research associate (1995- 1998) School of Planning and Housing/Edinburgh college of Art