Assistant Professor

+44 (0)131 451 4636
Room 1.26
Edwin Chadwick Building
Heriot-Watt University
Fan Wang
  • Atrium design for hot climate;
  • Solar-Wall heating system;
  • Modelling of building control and management;
  • Airflow in and around buildings;
  • Entrance design for public buildings in windy places;
  • Building ventilation and indoor air quality studies;
  • Computational fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications in built environment.
Selected publications


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Fan studied first Physics and then Architectural Technology in Zhejiang University. In late 80s' he worked as a university lecturer in building physics and architectural engineering and his research concerned vernacular technology and architecture and low cost building design. His early studies into thermal behaviour of earthen tower buildings, one of traditional Chinese dwellings earned him two major scholarships to continue his research in University of Sheffield in UK.

In Sheffield he developed a number of CFD models examining heating problems in large heavy buildings, radon entry in houses with cellars, and flow optimisation in continuous casting. Then he brought the modelling expertise to Battle McCarthy, a very active consulting firm specialised in environmental design, where he worked closely with engineers, architects and planners on various projects on environmental and sustainable building design, including the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam and the Millennium Tower in Nairobi.
Since he joined the School of Built Environment Fan has been teaching subjects in architectural engineering and carrying out research in airflow and thermal modelling. His special interests are in VAC in hot climate, wind safety and comfort in built environments and building/system thermal performance modelling. More recently he has been exploring how modelling can help optimising control algorithm to achieve best performance of building systems. Fan's engagement in green building design also includes promoting practise in low energy buildings design and sustainable urban development, for which he has been invited to give guest lectures as visiting professor in China, the most populated and rapidly industrialised country. He is technical advisor to Dept of Development and Renovation, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences. He was a member of Peer Review College of the UK government funding research council Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) from 2000 to 2003.

He has received research awards from various organisations, from research councils, like EPSRC, Royal Academy of Engineering and governments, such as Scottish Executives and Malaysia Education Ministry. His most recent research on developing solar-wall heating systems was sponsored by Scottish Government and industrial organisations.