Foundation CMG Chair in Reactive Flow Simulation

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Room 1.1
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Heriot-Watt University
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United Kingdom
Eric Mackay
Roles and responsibilities

Foundation CMG Chair in Reactive Flow Simulation

  • Oilfield scale
  • CO2 storage
  • Application of numerical simulation to reactive transport problems, from pore scale to reservoir scale

Main research interest is in oilfield scale as a Principal Investigator with the Flow Assurance and Scale Team (FAST).

Also work on projects on CO2 capture and storage with the Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS).

Other research topics have included:

  • pore-scale modelling of gel formation and transport in porous media
  • the engineered depressurisation of waterflooded reservoirs
  • in situ combustion for heavy oil recovery
  • comparison of EOR techniques vs. infill well drilling for incremental production

Eric Mackay holds the Foundation CMG Chair in Reactive Flow Simulation in the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University, where he has worked since 1990.  His research interests include the study of fluid flow in porous media, such as the flow of oil, gas and water in subsurface geological formations.  He has over 100 publications related primarily to maintaining oil production when faced with mineral scale deposition, but since 2005 he has also worked on Carbon Capture and Storage.  He is involved in projects identifying methods for calculating secure CO2 storage potential in saline formations and depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs.  As well as his research interests, Eric is involved in extensive consultancy activities, he delivers short courses for the oil industry and is a technical editor for a number of journals.  He has also taught Reservoir Simulation to the residential and distance learning MSc classes at Heriot-Watt University since 1990.  Eric holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University.

Further information

29th March 2012:  SPE Heriot Watt University Student Chapter. Technology Capture Lectures.
Prof. Eric Mackay (SPE Distinguished Lecturer) presented his "Oilfield scale - a new integrated approach to tackle an old foe" lecture.