Project Title

Lost worlds of welfare: Local homelessness systems in England


In England, the main response to homelessness is generally considered to be the statutory homelessness system. A series of nationally initiated and locally implemented measures have since been added to this system, including the Rough Sleeping Initiatives, the prevention approach and more recently, localisation.

The research will adapt the nationally focused welfare-housing regime framework to examine the evolution and divergence of localized and systematic responses to homelessness. The paper hypothesizes that emergence and divergence of local welfare regimes.

The hypothesis supposes that local regimes will be centered on the local authority, but will also other local policy actors such as welfare, housing, health, criminal justice and civic society. The hypothesized local welfare regimes will mediate national welfare, housing and homeless policy according to local priorities through the provision and commissioning of services. There services will form a localized system of services that are connected via local policy, culture and practice.


Professor Mark Stephens & Dr Beth Watts