Liu, Chenxi

Project Title

Analyse and Evaluate the Performance of Eco-community Using Ecological Footprint Assessment


Human and environment constitute the main part of ecological community. To achieve sustainability in an ecological community, not only the building itself has to meet the requirement of green building evaluation such as BREEAM, but also the residents' life has to be sustainable.

Using Ecological Footprint Assessment (EFA) to evaluate the eco-community in the aspects of building Life Cycle Assessment will make it comparable to other assessed eco-communities. The result of EF figures make it comparable for different projects in different places. Therefore, the strength and weakness in energy-efficiency for a certain eco-community can be determined by compare to other project with EF result.

The study will focus on developing an assessment method to analyse and evaluate the performance of eco-community by referring to other reports about EFA methods, such as BedZED, Findhorn community and Steward Community Woodland.


Dr Fionn MacKillop and Dr Fan Wang